A nursery unlike any other

We ensure that each individual child reaches his potential.

Once a year we do an in-house activity project to encourage the team spirit of each child.

Children learn to care for nature and the environment through gardening and caring for the rabbits which we look after in our garden.

The "big" children regularly visit museums and galleries in order to stimulate their interest in the arts and sense of creativity.

Our program provides regular sport activities: forest walks, swimming, Airtrampoline.

We use the Carl Orff Method to teach children about music which improves their self esteem by engaging their mind and body through play.

We teach your children mutual respect, non -violence and tolerance.

Where possible our qualified nursery teachers speak the language of your child. However, the lingua franca of the nursery is Luxembourgish. We aim to assist non-Luxembourg children to integrate into the Luxembourg state school system by learning the local language at nursery level.

Meals cooked from 100% organic food products are home-made at the nursery. Babies are fed "à la carte " according to their needs and their parents’ wishes. The "big" children have a daily menu based on appropriate dietary recommendations.